Can you imagine?

Jim Quillinan who writes ‘Along the Track’ on a regular basis says in his last article that it is a delight to spend time with small children.

Then he mentions that their imagination seems to know no limits.  They are no different to ourselves when we were young.  I can still remember when Mum would read me (over and over again) my two Golden Books and my imagination would go wild.

One of my books was the Little Red Fire Engine from then on I was going to be a fireman doing amazing things.

There is more to what Jesus says; that we need to be more like children.  They just enjoy life, they trust in their parents, and everything will be okay.

Jim’s final words are worth reflection upon:

“Sometimes we are so concerned with what we don’t have, we can’t see what we do have and what we can do with it.  If we focus on the negative, having an ‘I can’t’ attitude we won’t achieve much.  What possibilities might we see if only we let our imaginations get to work; in our own lives, in our parishes and in our institutions we need courage, imagination and a willingness to try new ways, new ideas, new plans.  If we are to respond to our world and its needs today, we cannot just accept the status quo, to do what we have always done.  It is not working.  It calls us to imagine a better way, new ways of living the Good News.”

Fr Michael Morley

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