The Aroma of Christ

The Aroma of Christ                                                17:3:17 Thrive

2 Cor 2:12-17

The knowledge of God is unlike any other knowledge.  We can teach things to people and they hopefully understand.  We are always learning to advance our knowledge and our life’s experiences.  But there is something different taking place when we talk about God.

If we want to truly know God from a relationally point of view then something else needs to happen other than just knowing, as we do with most things.

Some how what we hear needs to teach us in our own spirit.  The Word of God is a good example we can all hear the same words but the message that is given to people will be different.  God has a unique relationship with each of us, so the way he speaks through His word will depend on that relationship and how open we are to receive it.

This is obvious for ourselves; there are people we can talk to but not necessarily on a deep relational level.  On the other hand, there are people, usually those very close to us, who we can have a very deep personal and intimate dialogue with, our spirits really connect.

If we are able to connect with God and develop a deep personal relationship then there has to be something different from God speaking to one of his mere creations.  The gap is too great.  The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, has to touch the spirit living deep within us, the Holy Spirit.  The more aware we are of the Spirit’s presence the more we can develop this relationship.

It is the power or this presence of this relationship between us that allows us to be God’s instruments.

We cannot ‘sell’ God to others nor can we convince people ‘intellectually’ about God, because God cannot be grasped in this way.

The only way that people can receive knowledge of God is by the work of God’s Spirit through us to them.

People have to see or sense this deep love, relationship between me and my God.  Then they can sense something of the mystery and reality of God.

In 2 Cor 2:12-17 when Paul was proclaiming the good news to the people, he speaks of a fragrance that is spread from knowing him.  This is Paul’s way of explaining what people experience between us as a true disciple of Christ.

Our relationship with God, our witnessing of God will be a mystery.  Sometimes the things we will do will surprise us as well as others.  But this is the mystery of a relationship which we develop with the Spirit of God, and his Spirit in us.

Paul also calls it, being the aroma of Christ.  This also is a fitting way because we can’t see it but it is something we are giving off to others that cannot be explained.  A mystery unexplained.

So the stronger the relationship of God’s Spirit and our spirit the more the mystery, the fragrance, the aroma of Christ is permeating the lives of others.

Fr Michael Morley

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