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What do these graves tell us?

Maybe it is, as we get older, that we become more aware or interested in our past?  Maybe we are quite proud of ourselves with what we can remember of our past!  Anyway it is nice to be able to do it. Last Saturday, my old school, St Bernard’s Essendon had the annual Mass for… Read more

Coming Home

For a number of years now we, the parish of Tatura, have welcomed the prisoners from Dhurringile Prison. This happens in a couple of ways, one group, the community gang have come into the parish to do gardening and general clean up, particularly around the Convent of Mercy. Another group are picked up by a… Read more

Christmas 2017 Mass Timetable

Reconciliation Thursday 21st December 7.30pm   Weekend Mass Saturday 23rd December    Mass   6.00pm Sunday   24th  December    Mass    9.30am   Christmas Eve Sunday   24th December Carols  begin at 6pm    Mass at 6.30pm   Christmas Day  Monday   25th December    Mass   9am

Good Things Happening

Today I attended our regional Prison Chaplains meeting and we had a great speaker, Ben Engel.  He was speaking of a course he runs for groups, called ‘Mindfulness Based on Stress Reduction  Course’.  It is a mouthful but what I was most interested in was that he was taking groups of prisoners Beechworth prison. The program… Read more

The Natural Law

Following on from last week when I was commenting on the slave trade in general and the bride trade in China. We can now ask the question as to why is China seeking all these women and paying large sums of money while doing something that is illicit? The main driver of this trade is… Read more

Amazing Grace

When I watched the film of Amazing Grace I found it difficult to comprehend the slave trade. I know it is something that has been around probably as long as we have been in existence. In later times with what has happened in the African countries, the Negroes in America and with the help of… Read more

Addressing the waste challenge:

Recently I was watching a presentation on television which gave us insight into what was happening with all our waste. I, like many who watched the show, was shocked to see and hear what was happening to our garbage. We have been educated to use our coloured bins correctly and protect our environment. But on… Read more


Each year, at this time, the Bishops of Australia put out a statement for Social Justice Sunday, the last Sunday of September. This year they have put out another excellent article which is challenging and thought provoking. The statement is entitled: ‘Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy’. It calls for an economy that… Read more

Big Events

I suppose all birthdays are big occasions.  The day we were given life and commenced on our journey to make a difference. It is when we are getting older that these birthdays become even more special. While celebrating the gift of life I am becoming more aware of other things – I still don’t need… Read more

Can you imagine?

Jim Quillinan who writes ‘Along the Track’ on a regular basis says in his last article that it is a delight to spend time with small children. Then he mentions that their imagination seems to know no limits.  They are no different to ourselves when we were young.  I can still remember when Mum would… Read more