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If I am to mention anything under this title of news and events it is hard to go past what has commenced this week and that is Lent. We have had a lovely liturgy with the school in the Ash Wednesday Mass. The children will now focus on Project Compassion as their way of helping… Read more


Her name is St Josephine Bakhita and her feast day was last week on the 8th February.  Pope Francis has made her the patron saint of victims of slavery. She is a fitting example because as a young girl she was kidnapped for slavery in both Sudan and later in Italy. She was born in… Read more


The political parties will be clamouring onto what will win them votes at the election. This is regardless of what is best for the country or its people. Yes we put them there, but sometimes we are not privy to the same information as our politicians. We can vote blindly at times thinking what is… Read more


Recently I went to see the film The Greatest Showman. I must admit I was going more for the company and the evening of five friends than I was for the film. So I had no expectations.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  It was the first film I had seen with Hugh Jackman and he… Read more

Christmas Carols

This week we had the Tatura Christmas Carols in Mactier Park , presented by the Lions Club. It started with a Christmas Fair at 5.30pm, which included a free BBQ and Jumping Castle. It included lucky dips, fairy floss, glow bands, cricket and other sports. The evening commenced with the Tatura Primary School Band.  They… Read more

Odds and Evens

All sorts of thoughts may come to mind when you read this title?  But where I am going with this theme you would never have guessed. If you live on your own, either by choice or circumstances what would you list as being one of the difficult things that you cope with? I know as… Read more

I had a sleepover

We usually associate this saying with children with their friends or a birthday party.  I think I can relate it to the priests of our diocese who have just enjoyed a sleep over at the Park Lake Motel in Shepparton. There were thirty-six priests in attendance which is a great response for our diocese with… Read more

Where are you going?

  I have noticed that as I am becoming older that not a lot of things change for me but they are for my friends. I have watched them marry, settle into their jobs, have families, then watch their children leave home. Then I have noticed a new spark in their lives as the grand… Read more

What do these graves tell us?

Maybe it is, as we get older, that we become more aware or interested in our past?  Maybe we are quite proud of ourselves with what we can remember of our past!  Anyway it is nice to be able to do it. Last Saturday, my old school, St Bernard’s Essendon had the annual Mass for… Read more

Coming Home

For a number of years now we, the parish of Tatura, have welcomed the prisoners from Dhurringile Prison. This happens in a couple of ways, one group, the community gang have come into the parish to do gardening and general clean up, particularly around the Convent of Mercy. Another group are picked up by a… Read more