A Meditation on Joy – Ron Rolheiser

To reach satisfaction in all

desire its possession in nothing.

To come to possess all

desire the possession of nothing.

To arrive at being all

desire to be nothing.

To come to the knowledge of all

desire the knowledge of nothing.

To come to the pleasure you have not

you must go by a way in which you know not.

To come to the possession you.

A Time for Thanks

Spirit of God, we thank you for the gift of resilience that bursts forth in your people.

As one family we long for a world free of violence.

Soften our hearts so we will live in gratitude and peace, with all people, and reflect your hope and compassion in our world.



God our Father, bless our Parish of the Sacred Heart so that we may love you more.

Help our parents to give good example to their children and our youth to grow in strength as good Christians.

Encircle our families with your loving care.

To the sick grant health, to the aged bring serenity and to those in sorrow, joy.

May each parishioner grow stronger in faith And may our love for one another become deeper in our daily living.

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.



Dear Jesus,

I pray that you may be the source of strength in my body,

courage in my spirit and patience in my pain.