Lord, grant us a strong and courageous faith,

a faith that burns brightly even in times of darkness,

a faith that doesn’t falter even when there are no miracles

or happy endings,

a Good Friday faith that trusts in the dawn of Easter,

a faith that is rooted in your love for us

and that expresses itself in love for others.

Flor McCarthy


The bridegroom said to the foolish bridesmaids,

‘I tell you solemnly, I do not know you.’

How can we ensure that the Lord will recognise us

when we arrive at the door of the heavenly kingdom?

By keeping the lamp of love burning brightly.

And how do we do this?

Through a continuous input of small drops of oil.

What do these drops of oil consist of?

The small things of daily life,

the little deeds of kindness and of service.


Lord, open our hearts when they are closed,

soften them when they are hard,

warm them when they are cold,

fill them when they are empty,

heal them when they are wounded,

and mend them when they are broken,

so that we, your disciples, may bear the fruits of love.

Flor McCarthy SDB


Lord, God, what a mistake it is when we allow ourselves to be slaves

chained to schedules of our own making.  Show us ways to break

loose from that and the courage to put our world together in the way

You want it to be.

In Jesus’ name.



God is continually calling us

to a deeper and more authentic life here on earth,

and to eternal life in the hereafter.

God’s call comes to us,

not so much as a voice in our ears,

as a tug at our hearts.

There is something missing in everybody’s life.

However, a sense of something missing

is not a curse but a blessing.

It is God’s way of inviting us to his banquet.

Flor McCarthy SDB


God our Father, bless our Parish of the Sacred Heart so that we may love you more.

Help our parents to give good example to their children and our youth to grow in strength as good Christians.

Encircle our families with your loving care.

To the sick grant health, to the aged bring serenity and to those in sorrow, joy.

May each parishioner grow stronger in faith And may our love for one another become deeper in our daily living.

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.



Dear Jesus,

I pray that you may be the source of strength in my body,

courage in my spirit and patience in my pain.